Toutes nos chroniques de l'année 2009.

7 Weeks – All Channels Off

Ahkmed – Distance

Alcohsonic – Songs From The Delirium Tremens World

Ancestors – Of Sound Mind

Atolah – Relics

Baroness – Blue Record

Black Pyramid – Black Pyramid

Bukowski – Amazing Grace

Cassiopee – Split Cassiopee Asphodel

Catapult The Smoke – Unearthed

Causa Sui – Summer Sessions Vol.1

Chrisma – The Third

Clutch – Strange Cousins From The West

Cuzo – Amor y muerte en la tercera fase

Deville – Hail The Black Sky

Dispenser The Dispenser – Autoreverse

Dogs Bollocks – Smokin’

Feuerzeug – Drive Fast And Crash !

Flesh And Dust – Dark Season

Fu Manchu – Signs of Infinite Power

Giant Brain – Thorn of Thrones

God Damn – Old Days

Gravity Field – Album éponyme

Gunslinger – Earthquake in E Minor

Ira – Visions Of A Landscape

Karma To Burn – Live 2009 – Reunion tour (DVD)

Karma To Burn – Live in London (and Chasing The Dragon)

Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel – Tour or Die 2008 (DVD)

Los Natas – Nuevo Orden De La Libertad

Masters Of Reality – Pine // Cross Dover

Mudweiser – Holy Shit

Nebula – Peel Sessions

Om – God is Good

Pelican – What We All Come To need

Positiva – Prodigal Songs

Sons Of Alpha Centauri / Treasure Cat – Last Day Of Summer

Sun Gods In Exile – Black Light White Lines

Switchblade – Switchblade

The Bakerton Group – El Rojo

The Company Band – The Company Band

The Machine – Solar Corona

The Swamp – Back To The Swamp !

Totimoshi – Milagrosa

Truckfighters – Mania

Valis – Dark Matter

Yawning Sons – Ceremony To The Sunset

Zamarro – Dirty Power

ZOE – Dirty Little Sister

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