Toutes nos chroniques de l'année 2005.

Acid King – III

Alcohsonic – Never Drink Without Sonic Element

Artimus Pyledriver – Artimus Pyledriver

Asva – Futurists Against The Ocean

Awesome Machine (The) – A Retrospective

Big Business – Head For The Shallow

Blackfire Revelation (The) – Gold And Guns On 51

Bongzilla – Amerijuanican

Borehole – Systems Overload

Boris – Boris at last – feedbacker

Bottom – You’rNext

Brant Bjork And The Bros – Saved By Magic

Caldera – (nouvelle démo)

Candlemass – Candlemass

Cathedral – The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

Clutch – Live in Flint, Michigan

Compilation – Burn The Street Vol. 5

Corrosion Of Conformity – In The Arms Of God

Creature With The Atom Brain – Kill the snake

Disengage – Application For An Afterlife

Doomriders – Black Thunder

Dozer – Through The Eyes Of Heathens

Drunk Horse – In Tongues

Earthless – Sonic Prayer

Earthride – Vampire Circus

El Caco – The Search

Electric Earth – Organic Songs Volume One

Es La Guerilla – El Dia De Los Muertos

Fooz – II – Space is Dark… It is so Endless

Gog Of Magog – Eden : Way Down To Salvation

Goon Moon – I Got a Brand New Egg Layin’ Machine

Grand Magus – Wolf’s Return

Heavy Lord – From Cosmos to Chaos

Hellacopters (The) – Rock & Roll Is Dead

Hermano – Live at W2

High On Fire – Blessed Black Wings

Honcho – Burning in water, Drowning in fire

Honky – Balls Out Inn

Hopewell – Hopewell & the birds of appetite

Hulk – Cowboy Coffee & Burned Knives

Idiome – Idiome

Inbreds (The) – Groove Drenched Warfare

Infidel ? / Castro ! – Bioentropic Damage Fractal

Kazamate – Una Societa Di Mostri

Macadam Pale Horses – The Shore Become Visible

Moksha – Supersilver Haze

Novadriver – Deeper High

Om – Variations on a Theme

Orthodox – Gran Poder

Pelican – The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw

Poseidotica – Intramundo

Queens Of The Stone Age – Lullabies to paralyze

Rotor – Rotor 2

Set The Tone – Es La Guerilla

Sheavy – Republic ?

Sheavy – Republic ? Live at the Masonic Temple

Skullflowers – Orange Canyon Mind

Sons Of Otis – X

Spiritual Beggars – Demons

StoneWall Noise Orchestra – Volume 1

Sunn O))) – The Grimm Robe Demos

Sunnshine – No more forever

Suzukiton – Service Repair Handbook

The Atomic Bitchwax – 3

Thrones – Day Late, Dollar Short

Totimoshi – Mysterioso

Vibratore Bizarro – Sex Hundred & Sexty Sex

Vic du monte’s idiot prayer – Prey for the city

We – Smugglers

We’Re All Gonna Die – The Wreck Of The Minot

William Elliott Whitmore – Ashes To Dust

Yawning Man – Pot Head

Yawning Man – Rock Formations

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