Toutes nos chroniques de l'année 2015.

Abrahma – Reflections In The Bowels Of A Bird

Acid King – Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere

Ahab – The Boats of The Glen Carrig

All Them Witches – Dying Surfer Meets his Maker

Arrakis – Ammu Dia

Bedemon – Child of Darkness

Beesus – The Rise of Beesus

Behold ! The Monolith – Architects of the Void

Bison Machine – Hoarfrost

Black Mastiff – Music Machine

Black Rainbows – Hawkdope

Blackwulf – Oblivion Cycle

Broken Down – First Spit

Burning Full Throttle – Traveler

Caldera – Centralia (EP)

Chron Goblin – Backwater

Churchhouse Creepers – From Party To Apocalypse

Clutch – Psychic Warfare

Crawling In Sludge – Le Dormi Dau Munstre

Cult Of Occult – Five Degrees of Insanity

Desert Rider – Echoes of the big sand

Deville – Make It Belong To Us

DoctoR DooM – This Seed We Have Sown

Dog’N’Style – Dog’N’Style

Don Fernando – Haunted By Humans

Dopethrone – Hochelaga

Ecstatic Vision – Sonic Praise

Elder – Lore

Freedom Hawk – Into Your Mind

Funeral Horse – Divinity for the Wicked

Fuzzcrafter – Fuzzcrafter

Geezer – Gage

Gentlemans Pistols – Hustler’s Row

Glowsun – Beyond The Wall Of Time

Goatsnake – Black Age Blues

Godsleep – Thousand Sons Of Sleep

Grand Massive – EP II

Graveyard – Innocence & Decadence

Hangman’s Chair – This is not supposed to be positive

Herscher – Herscher

Holy Serpent – Holy Serpent

Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth

Horisont – Odyssey

Horsehunter – Caged in Flesh

Huminoita – All is Two

Isaak – Sermonize

Kadavar – Berlin

Karman – Karman (EP)

Kayleth – Space Muffin

Kind – Rocket Science

Libido Fuzz – Kaleido Lumo Age

Limb – Terminal

Lord Dying – Poisoned Altars

Mammoth Storm – Fornjot

Monolord – Vaenir

Monster Magnet – Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux)

Mule Arm Enemy – Mule Arm Enemy

Musculus – Six Pack

Mutonia – Wrath of the Desert

My Home On Trees – How I Reached Home

My Sleeping Karma – Moksha

Neurococcyx – Friches et Bestioles

OHHMS – Cold

Old Man Lizard – Old Man Lizard

Orchid – Sign Of The Witch (EP)

Out Of Space – Invaders

Palm Desert – Adayoff

Pentagram – Curious Volume

Philiac – This Appalling Ocean

Pombagira – Flesh Throne Press

Ponamero Sundown – Veddesta

Prophets Of Saturn – Retronauts

Pygmate – Le Coeur poilu

Red Mountains – Down With The Sun

Rotor – Fünf

Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors

SardoniS – III

Saviours – Palace of Visions

Seeds of Mary – Choose your Lie

Snail – Feral

Somali Yacht Club – The Sun

Sonic Medusa – The Sunset Soundhouse Tapes

Soundcrawler – The Dead-End Host

Stonebirds – Into The Fog… And The Filthy Air

Stoned Jesus – The Harvest

Strauss – Luia

Sun & Sail Club – The Great White Dope

Sunder – Sunder

Sunn O))) – Kannon

Sweat Lodge – Talismana

Sweet Leaf : A Stoner Rock Salute to Black Sabbath

The Atomic Bitchwax – Gravitron

The Crotals – Fuel ! Flames ! Blast !

The Heavy Eyes – He Dreams Of Lions

The Machine – Offblast!

The Midnight Ghost Train – Cold Was The Ground

The Progerians – The Fabulous Progerians

The Real Mac Coy – In The Distance

The Shooters – Dead Wilderness

The Shrine – Rare Breed

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