Toutes nos chroniques de l'année 2007.

7 Weeks – B(l)ack Days

7 weeks – Démo

A Tijuana Trip – Everybody Needs It

Alabama Thunderpussy – Open Fire

Alcohsonic – Never Drink Without Live Element

Aluna – Crystal Voyage

Amplified Heat – Amplified Heat (EP)

Analog Machine – Démo

Asteroid – st

Baroness – The Red Album

Black Rainbows – Twilight In The Desert

Black Shape of Nexus – 4-track demo

Blood Of The Black Owl – S/T

Boozing Truckers – One More

Brant Bjork And The Bros – Somera Sol

Cabron – Cabron

Cervix – In The Red Night, A Roar… Slowly, A Chant Began…

Clutch – From Beale Street To Oblivion

Clutch – Heard it All Before – Live at the HiFi Bar

Colour Haze – Tempel

Compilation – Sucking The 70’s – Vol.2

Cortez – Thunder In A Forgotten Town

Deville – Come Heavy Sleep

Down – III : Over The Under

Duster 69 – Angel King

Earthless – Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky

Eibon / Hangman’s Chair – Split CD

El Thule – Green Magic

Electric Earth – Selling Souls

Electric Wizard – Witchcult Today

Epstein Superflu – The War inside Darktown

Firebird – Hot Wings

Foobar The Band – Hellride

Fu Manchu – We Must Obey

Geller Project – Let s Right

Giant Brain – Plume

Glasspack (The) – Dirty Women

God Watt Redemption – Demo

Greenleaf – Agents Of Ahriman

Gutbucket – Gutbucket

Hackman – The New Normal

Hermano – …Into The Exam Room

Hidden Hand (The) – The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote

High On Fire – Death Is This Communion

Hotel Wrecking City Traders – Hotel Wrecking City Traders

Lesbian – Power Hör

Loading Data – Rodeo Ghettoblaster

Mac Blagick – Album éponyme

Mammatus – The Coast Explodes

Middian – Age Eternal

Minsk – The Ritual Fires of Abandonment

Mondo Guzzi – Little Beast

Monster Magnet – 4-Way Diablo

Mos Generator – Songs For Future Gods

Mothertrucker – Trebuchet

My Sleeping Karma – My Sleeping Karma

Om – Pilgrimage

Omega Massif – Geisterstadt

Orange Goblin – Healing Through Fire

Orthodox – Amanecer En Puerta Oscura

Pablo Diablo & Mr Mama – Split

Phased – Medications

Puny Human – Universal Freak Out

Queens Of The Stone Age – Era Vulgaris

Ramesses – Misanthropic Alchemy

Redback – Redback

Reverend Bizarre – III : So Long Suckers

Rip KC – Spinguölf

Saturnia – Muzak

Serpent Throne – Ride Satan Ride

Sheavy – “The Machine That Won The War”

Sideburn – The Newborn Sun

Sons Of Alpha Centauri – Sons Of Alpha Centauri

Spice and The RJ Band – The Will

Stoner Kebab – Imber vvlgi

Super Timor – Cauchemar d’Esque

The Bakerton Group – The Bakerton Group

The Bottle Doom Lazy Band – The Beast Must Die

The Curf – 1

The Junkyard Birds – The Fuck Album

The Perfect Rat – Endangered Pieces

Tia Carrera – Heaven / Hell EP

Torche – Torche

Truckfighters – Phi

Valis – Champions Of Magic

Viaje A 800 – Estampida De Trombones

Warchetype – Goat Goddess Supremacy

Witch Of Voodoo – Influenza Desertica

Year Long Disaster – Year Long Disaster

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